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What you choose to do with your computer electronic waste today will have enormous effects on our environment tomorrow.

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As a company certified under R2 standards for electronics recycling, ERE is committed to environmental preservation. This commitment drives every member of our team to assist our clients in recycling their outdated computers and electronic devices using advanced technology methods, all within our facility that is registered with the EPA GAR000044776.

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Many Organizations

The requirements for handling electronic waste vary widely. Therefore, whether you’re a small home-based business, a medium to large corporation, a non-profit organization, a government body, or an educational institution, the approach to e-waste management needs to be tailored to fit your specific needs.

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E-Recycle USA

The company’s dedication to environmental protection is unparalleled. Everything that arrives at our facility is transformed into a resource that can be reused. Our e-waste recycling center is prepared to handle your obsolete or unwanted electronic devices.

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Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we know the market in the disposal and destruction of electronic waste.

At E Recycle USA, we simplify the process of e-waste recycling. Since our inception in 2007, and with extensive experience in the computer wholesale sector, we understand the importance of proper e-waste handling. We are committed to the most effective, advantageous, and secure methods for e-waste processing. While numerous companies advertise e-waste recycling services, only a select few, including E-Recycle USA, possess the capability to offer comprehensive recycling solutions.

While numerous companies advertise e-waste recycling services, only a select few, including E-Recycle USA, possess the capability to offer comprehensive recycling solutions.

Up To Date Certification

Constantly improving and providing the best E-Waste solutions

ERE maintains an Integrated Management System which has been  awarded R2v3, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and ISO45001:2018 certifications by accredited third party certification bodies.

E Recycle USA’s IMS Policy

E Recycle USA is committed to following the requirements of R2V3, ISO 9001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 14001: 2015 and to maintain conformance to the requirements of our integrated management system and scope. We are equally committed to meet or exceed our customer requirements, to continually improve our processes and to maintain compliance with relevant Quality, Environmental, Occupational Health and Safety and Data Security legislation and regulations. The goal of E Recycle USA’s operation is to have a positive impact on the environment through responsible recycling requirements that includes the conservation of metals, plastic and other non-renewable resources. Consistent with these core operations, it is E Recycle USA’s overall goal to accomplish its business objectives while meeting and exceeding the environmental and health & safety expectations of our management, employees, customers, suppliers and regulators.

We will continually improve our systems while striving to minimize adverse impacts on the environment by managing and tracking through the recycling chain used and end-of life electronic equipment, components and materials, including focus materials as identified in the R2 Standard –with respect to both on-site activities and the selection of downstream vendors – using a “reuse, recover, dispose” hierarchy of responsible management strategies.

Recognizing the responsibilities for protection of the environment and worker health & safety are shared, requiring cooperation between our employees and top management. E Recycle USA will continually improve its environmental and health & safety performance through responsible recycling requirements. This will include setting goals, taking into consideration our business, financial, operational, and legal and compliance requirements and obligations, as well as the views of interested parties.


What We Do

Our facilities are accessible to the public, featuring a specific section designated for e-waste collection in our public drop-off zone. E Recycle USA, located in Atlanta, GA, is committed to recycling all forms of e-waste.


E-Recycle USA, situated in Atlanta, focuses exclusively on electronic waste management. We are open to the public, allowing you to recycle your household electronic waste without the need for an appointment, making the process straightforward and convenient.


Plastics play a significant role in modern electronics, forming the basis of components such as casings and circuit boards, among others.


Electronic remarketing is a service that takes your old or out dated electronics and finds markets where they are still wanted. E-recycle USA has an electronic remarketing program second to none.


E Recycle USA offers leading data destruction services for confidential information. It is our top priority, secure data destruction at our facility. All data and data-containing devices are stored within our 24-7 surveilled facility. Secure data removal services and certificate of data destruction are a formal guarantee that your electronic data was completely disposed of in a secure manner. Contact us to learn more about our Secure Data Destruction capabilities.


We can help you create a recycling program that not only helps your bottom line but also helps keep your recyclable commodities out of landfills and back into production where they belong. Call us today to get your free quote for your recyclable materials and/or IT equipment.

Data Security and Data Destruction

In the current digital age, ensuring the security and proper destruction of data is paramount. ERE employs sophisticated hard drive wiping systems and utilizes two shredders to guarantee your data’s confidentiality. Our premises are monitored around the clock by a video surveillance system, ensuring that your materials are always treated with the highest level of care. From the moment ERE assumes responsibility for your electronic waste until you are issued a certificate of recycling and destruction, you can be assured that your data is protected and securely managed, offering you complete peace of mind.

Who We Serve

E Recycle USA is a reliable partner for industries seeking responsible and sustainable solutions for electronic waste management. E Recycle USA contributes to building a more sustainable future for businesses across various industries through its commitment to environmental stewardship, compliance, and data security.

Allow E Recycle USA to leverage our extensive experience to assist you in effectively managing the electronic scrap processed by
your solid waste and recycling districts for the communities you serve. We’re equipped to design a recycling program specifically suited to your requirements. Our goal is to support you in completing the cycle for all your electronics recycling needs. Contact our team of experts today for further details

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